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Europa League: Levski Sofia - Lazio streaming in diretta gratis 01/10/09

Levski Sofia - Lazio

Il tecnico della Roma carica i suoi in vista del Cska di Sofia. I giallorossi dovranno riscattare all’Olimpico il ko di Basilea con il quale hanno dato il via alla fase a gironi dell’Europa League. I capitolini non sono ancora guariti, ma “stanno migliorando”.

Ecco le altre partite delle italiane in programma:

  • Valencia – Genoa
  • Roma – CSKA Sofia

Volete vedere la partita completamente gratis dal tuo pc? Niente di più semplice,ecco cosa dovete fare:

Se volete vedere Levski Sofia – Lazio o tutta l’ Europa League scaricate Live – Player che vi permette di vedere la partita completamente gratis dal tuo pc. Guarda gratuitamente più di 170 canali TV e più di 800 stazioni radio sul tuo computer!

N.B.:Il programma è un ad-supported software, cioè è un servizio che vive sulle pubblicità. Non è un virus.

Una volta scaricato andate su calcioinchiaro per conoscere i canali. Questo sito inoltre vi darà tantissime informazioni su tutte le partite del giorno non solo italiane più tanti consigli e chicche dell’ultima ora Cliccate sulla partita che vorreste vedere e vi compariranno i nomi dei canali che trasmettono l’evento. Basterà dunque cercarli sul vostro Web Media Player, che avete installato nel PC!

Vuoi aumentare la velocità dei tuoi download,dello streaming e migliorare la qualità del video?? Scarica Speed Downloading, un programma gratuito di cui non ti pentirai.

Vuoi caricare il tuo cellulare in modo gratuito veloce e legale? Vinciricarica e Vinciricariche possono aiutarti! Podcast 112 - Miss Yetti

With her new album “Kookmoded” coming up in november, we felt it was time to ask German DJane Miss Yetti to provide us with this weeks podcast.

Miss Yetti’s musical career began in 1992 in Germany’s Rheinland Her first public appearance was at the “Orion Rave”. Gigs in Germany and the first international bookings followed, as well as residencies at the legendary “UFO Club” and at “Fisch” in Cologne.

1. P.Chadronnet vs. Afrilounge – Just for a little Peak (Sarah Goldfarb Rmx)
02. Minilogue – Arb Almub Almoh (Mothership)
03. Slang Bang – Amaaaaazing (Sender)
04. Hector – Taking me for a ride (Mobilee 52)
05. Simple 0939
06. White label
07. White label
08. Mike Dehnert – Umluft (FW Records)
09. White label

Mark Milly - King Of The East Coast (Mixtape)

So, I’ve racked my brain for 10 minutes trying to come up with a better description of this mixtape but this just… it just is spot on:

“King Of The Eastcoast”King n. 2. The most powerful or eminent of a group, category, or place.

East n. – The eastern part of a region or country, esp. the Orient. –adj.

With 3 mixtape releases already behind him, this is Milly’s most“official” piece of work to date.

(Go back and listen to his old[er] projects to see how far he has progressed as an artist.)

Hailing from Baltimore, MD b.k.a “The Home Of The Wire” a.k.a “Charm City”, he is one of the most talented and diverse artist(s) to come from his area. The style that he produces is like no other and some of the images he brings out in his music is unbelivable. He can ‘rap‘ with the best of them but don’t get him confused with these “rappers“, thats quite disrespectful! But why would he call himself “King Of The Eastcoast”? What has he accomplished? Where’s his record deal? How much has he sold?

NOT IMPORTANT! The title isn’t meant to be cocky or disrespectful to anyone. But everyone should feel like their ‘thee best’, even if they may not be. Right?! Milly feels as though he’s the king because of how ‘powerful’ his music/movement can be. He should be at the top! He deserves to wear the crown! He wants to be one of the faces that represents the east coast and one day he will be! THE TIME IS NOW!

Has he already done it?

Stay Tuned…

“King Of The Eastcoast, I won’t settle for my city!” – Baltimore’s Savior

I got this advance a few weeks ago and I have loved it front and back. Mark Milly is definitely a threat. Also, you might notice some of these tracks if you’ve been following the 30 Days/30 Songs series. Regardless, get the mixtape after the jump.
- iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – King Of The East Coast (Mixtape)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Bring on the Tambourines!" now available for download across the interwebs!

Today’s a big day for The Good Graces around the interwebs, as it’s digital release day for “Bring on the Tambourines!” So if you missed out on the free downloads from, you can purchase the full release from your favorite digital download site! Here are a few links to purchase for your convenience:





And if you’re following along for the free downloads, it’s not too late to get the final track that we’re making available for free, “Bad Driver!” It’s a favorite at our shows and we hope you enjoy the recorded version.

Finally, I wanted to also send a shout-out to all who attended our CD release show Saturday night at Kavarna! We had a wonderful night that began with obligatory pre-show (flu) shots and ended with a fantastic set by our dear friends Chickens & Pigs, who are also celebrating the release of their great new CD, “See Through Soul.” It was nice to have a full room of enthusiastic listeners; we really do appreciate it! xoxoxyz

pre-show flu shots

BumpTop Professional v1.11.3706 ML

BumpTop Professional v1.11.3706 MultiLang | 9.82 MB

BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better

Your desktop doesn’t have to be a boring graveyard for lost and forgotten files anymore! Transform it with BumpTop. Create the desktop that suits your needs and style. BumpTop lets you create piles, just like you do in real life. But with advanced search and sort capabilities, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. BumpTop lets your style dictate the look and feel of your desktop. With dozens of themes to choose from, you can find the one for you. Serene blue or firely flames, change your desktop to suit your moods. BumpTop lets you visually connect with your desktop. Pin important files or sticky notes to your wall so you don’t forget them. And with BumpTop, more frequently used files get bigger and heavier so you can find them easily.

• Organize different documents, files etc.
• Get Organized, Instantly
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• Powerful Gestures features
• Support Themes


here or    here

Download: 'Maut Ki Ungli' - NOISEWARE

Noiseware may have got disappointed with not being selected for the I-Rock XXIV from Pune, but it sure has lot of good reasons to leave  all that  behind and move forward. This promising young band from Pune has released their second single titled ‘Maut Ki Ungli‘ (meaning-  finger of death) which available for FREE Downloading from Bands Soundclick page. We heard it, liked it… recommend it Nuff said!.

P.S : Noiseware debut single G-String is a sounclick TOP10 Song .

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Author: Weston Ruter
By default, the_title() in The Loop returns post_title; if, however, this needs
to be overridden so that a custom heading is displayed, then an h2 element may be
supplied at the beginning of the post_content and this will replace the
post_title in the content. This is going off of the assumption that the site
title should be a h1, and the page title should be in an h2, and then page
sections are h3s and below

Password Aman dengan KeePassX, di Linux maupun Windows

dotEXE – KeePassX adalah salah satu software penyimpan dan generate password yang telah lama kami pakai. Software ini Free, Open source, ringan dan mudah digunakan baik di Linux maupun Windows, bahkan Mac sekalipun. Sebenarnya KeePassX sendiri dulu dirilis dengan nama KeePass/L for Linux, namun sejak porting untuk Windows sudah aktif dan massive dikembangkan, maka komunitas pengembangnya mengganti nama softwarenya menjadi KeePassX Password Safe.

KeePassX sendiri menawarkan fitur generate password dengan mudah dan aman. Generator passwordnya sangat mudah diatur ulang, cepat dan mudah digunakan. Bagi anda yang berurusan dengan generate banyak password, software ini sangat kami rekomendasikan.

Databasenya yang komplet baik itu metode enkripsi dengan AES atau Rijndael atau Twofish dengan key 256 bit sekalipun sudah ada. Selain password dan username yang bisa anda masukkan, anda juga bisa memasukkan informasi-informasi tambahan lain sesuka anda. Password yang dihasilkan oleh KeePassX sendiri kompatibel 100% dengan yang dihasilkan KeePass Password Safe.


Untuk distro Mandriva 2009.1 sendiri anda dapat menginstalasikan KeePassX dengan:

#urpmi keepass

Untuk versi Windows (dengan nama resmi KeePass Password Safe):

  • Versi Portabel (ZIP) :
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Official Web KeePass:

KeePass (Wikipedia):

Official Project Page at :

Memperkenalkan Xara Extreme, Katanya Corel Drawnya Linux

dotEXE – Xara Xtreme for Linux, atau yang dulu dikenal sebagai Xaralx adalah sebuah image editor open source yang berbasis pada Xara LX sebuah versi Windows yang terkenal sebagai Image Editor pula.

Dengan Xara Xtreme kita bisa membuat dan mengedit berbagai tipe image, termasuk grafis berbasis vektor. Di Linux selain ada Xara Xtreme, ada Inkscape, sK1. Interfacenya sendiri termasuk tak seneko-neko The Gimp yang terpisah-pisah tak berada dalam satu window. Maka tak salah kalau beberapa orang menganggap Xara Xtreme sebagai padanan Corel Draw di Linux.

Untuk fitur dari Xara Xtreme sendiri antara lain:

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Instalasi Xara Xtreme

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Combat Arms MPH Hack & Aimbot

Here is a leeched aimbot. For the hack that gave me crosshairs, chams, and ghostmode(why I am in the air), go search combat arms 9 20 in the search box. For the aimbot, you need PerX ( ). Next, download the hack itself here ( ). After you extract it, open up perx and in the “What to inject” section select engine.exe. Leave it selected ” Automaticlly” and then click browse. Find the combatarms.dll and then load and start CA. If this works, you will see on the top of the screen in CA. Happy pwning!

Schlump Vibration » Mixtapes » Mixtape #14

SVM 013 | Title: Music like dirt| Total Running Time: 01:19:42


  1. let’s get together – johnny and the attractions
  2. vera cruz – prince buster
  3. the battle of adwa – barry isaac
  4. hunt them down – barry isaac
  5. jump – 16 bit
  6. murda sound – bar 9
  7. somebody come get me – melanie fiona
  8. give praises – queen omega
  9. sodom & gomorrah – sluggy ranks
  10. apartheid no – abbasani
  11. superstar – singer blue
  12. creepers – errol arawak
  13. general – jahdan blakkamoore
  14. rub-a-dub – roommate & the bassist
  15. sylvia – sabat machines
  16. blood & mia – dj shepdog
  17. badman – bounty killer & tok
  18. all this music – tippa irie
  19. flyin high – soom t
  20. weed them out – little kirk
  21. leader – robert lee
  22. be careful – matthew mcanuff
  23. where can i lay my wheary head – flaming arrow
  24. mountain top – gappy ranks
  25. babylon in helicopter – mr williamz
  26. polizeihubschrauber – j palminger & kings of dubrock
  27. berzerk dub – disrupt
  28. hjenbrentfunk – beatbully

Konten der Abzocker bleiben eingefroren: Schlappe für

Wie gestern ein Sprecher der Staatsanwaltschaft Hannover auf Anfrage der neuen Westfälischen Zeitung mitteilte verwarf das Landgericht Hildesheim  nun die Beschwerde von Ra. Ralf Hasenbäumer über Freigabe der Konten  der Inkasso Firma L & H GmbH die für Forderungen eintreibt.

Hätte das Gericht die Konten freigegeben, so wären die Ermittlungen sicherlich erschwert worden. Die Entscheidung des Landgerichts Hildesheim zeigt hier deutlich, daß man nah dran ist, der Abzocke endlich ein Ende zu bereiten. Es sind desweiteren offenbar mehrere Verfahren im Kreis Herford gegen mehrere Personen anhängig wegen Verdachts des Betruges und der Geldwäsche.

viel mehr über

quelle :

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[earman098] mindSpiral - Curiosa Positronica (2009)

In April of 2009, Mike Metlay launched the latest of his mindSpiral collaborative projects. This version, the eighth incarnation so far, was a trio composed of David Herpich (better known as Emerald Adrift), Darrell Burgan (better known as Palancar), and of course Mike himself.

The central purpose of this version of mindSpiral was to compose and rehearse music for a live performance taking place at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, Colorado, on April 11, 2009. However, when you put three experienced improvisational electronic musicians together in a room, all of whom are DJs on the net radio station, and all of whom are very much used to playing live on air, it is inevitable that at some point the rehearsal process would be set aside so they could just play together for fun and inspiration, with an online audience following the action.

So it was that on April 7 and 10, 2009, David, Mike, and Darrell played two hour-long live improvisations on, and on April 12, the morning after the successful planetarium show, they played a third hour on Second Life, before going their separate ways. The artists felt the music from all three of these sessions was remarkably inspired and focused, and upon relistening over the summer, they determined that there was enough material here for at least two releases, not to mention the recordings of the music for the planetarium show (whose ultimate fate is still some ways in the future).

The process was fairly straightfoward. The jam sessions were carefully listened to, and then chopped into smaller pieces where there were obvious break points. Selections from that list of tracks were then ordered into releasable sets with a common theme or feel. The first of those releases is this album, entitled “Curiosa Positronica”.

The idea for the title came from the divergent and often thought-provoking moods of the pieces collected for the release. Taken as a whole, these ten songs give the impression of a robot from some future (past?) time, poring over ancient manuscripts in a passionate attempt to understand how human beings think … or thought. By turns sad, arresting, and whimsical, this extraordinary collection of music belies the fact that it was all performed live with no rehearsals or preparation.

Earth Mantra is excited to be able to bring you this first glimpse into the colorful, mournful, amusing world of mind8Spiral.

Download: Suma Teológica em espanhol

Biblioteca da Universidade de Salamanca






El doctor de la verdad  católica tiene por misión no  sólo ampliar y profundizar los  conocimientos de los iniciados, sino  también  enseñar y poner las bases a los que son  incipientes, según lo  que dice el Apóstol en 1 Cor  3,1-2: Como a párvulos en Cristo, os he dado por alimento leche para beber, no carne para masticar. Por esta  razón en la presente obra nos hemos  propuesto  ofrecer todo lo concerniente a la religión  cristiana del modo más  adecuado  posible para que pueda ser asimilado por los  que están empezando.

Hemos detectado, en efecto,  que los novicios en  esta doctrina se encuentran con  serias  dificultades a la  hora de  enfrentarse a la  comprensión de lo que  algunos han escrito hasta hoy. Unas  veces, por el número  excesivo de  inútiles cuestiones, artículos y argumentos.

Otras, por el mal método con que se les presenta lo que es  clave para su saber,  pues, en vez del orden de la disciplina, se  sigue  simplemente la exposición del  libro que se  comenta o la  disputa a que da pie tal o cual  problema concreto. Otras  veces, por la  confusión  y aburrimiento que, en los oyentes, engendran las constantes repeticiones.

Confiando en la ayuda de Dios intentaremos poner  remedio a todos esos  inconvenientes  presentando de  forma  breve y clara, si el problema a  tratar lo permite, todo lo referente a la doctrina sagrada.


Sur mes lèvres (2001) ~aka Read My Lips

Trailer Film:
Crima | Drama | Thriller – Durata: 115 min.
Plot Keywords: ex-puscarias, angajat, surda, aparat de auz, secretara, ofiter, citit pe buze, bar, datorie, supraveghere

Inca un film frantuzesc remarcabil, cu Vincent Cassel in rolul unui fost puscarias care trebuie sa isi gaseasca de lucru. Carla, e aproape surda si poate sa citeasca pe buze, lucrand intr-o firma ca secretara. Dupa ce il angajeaza de ajutor, intre acestia se infiripa o idila, aceasta acoperindu-l pentru a profita de indemanarea lui de hot.

Torrent Name: Jaques Audiard – Sur Mes Lèvres – Read My Lips – Sobre Meus Lábios [sonicalchemy][Eng][PTbr][PT-PT]
Download Subtitrare EN: >>Link<<

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Happy Eid -- Ied Mubarak (Selamat Lebaran Idul Fitri)

Happy Eid to every Moslem on earth. On this special day, I would like to ask for apology to anybody who’s been hurt by me. No one is perfect.

The last time I posted here was in the beginning of Ramadhan. It was a welcome post. I wrote that post to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan and since then I haven’t posted anything here. But many things happened. There was also a time where the biggest terrorist Noordin M Top was killed. I missed it. I didn’t post about it even in my main blog on Mobile Blogging.

Somehow. i wrote a new post on my main blog entitled Pasang Gambar ing Kiwo Posting. You probably get interested. If you wanna read that article then go to my main mobile blog.

Aha.. Almost forgot. During fasting month, I also created a new mobile blog using php script on self-hosting service. Just check out my DavidJuly.BPlaced.Net

Tei- The Shine 2009 (MU)


As said in another post, Tei has released a mini album after a long hiatus on Sept 09, 2009 ( You can see, a very special day 09/09/2009)…. I think this album is an good album, he is definitely a talented singer… ^^ Love his voice… (I don’t get why ppl call Tim is Ballad Prince, in my opinion, Tei is much better, better and stronger voice)… I still can’t forget his performance on X-man when he imitated other singers’ voices. Just so impressive !!!!! v^^v

I’ve planned to make a discography post for TEI but I’m just busy and not yet check out my music folder. I hope I still have all of his albums… I’ll try to take some times to post all of his albums and Lee Soo Young’s as well (She is my favourite Korean female singers- Ballad Queen)



01.내게 가장 아픈말… 친구 / The Most Painful Word For Me – Friend
02.독설 / Poisonous Tongue
03.Mr. Lonely (Feat. After school Bekha) Rap Ver.
04.From The Heaven
05.Mr. Lonely
06.독설 (MR)

Download mp3 link:

Poisonous Tongue MV

Credit: urasiansourceKpop @youtube

His special stage performance with Park Hyo Shin

Listen- Park Hyo Shin & Tei

Credit: donkunlove33hany @youtube

VLC media player 1.0.2 - Audio- & Video-Player

VLC media player ist ein kostenloser Multimedia-Player, der eine große Anzahl an Formaten unterstützt. Neben der Wiedergabe von Video-CDs und DVDs beherrscht er diverse Streaming-Protokolle und kann auch selbst als Streaming-Server verwendet werden.

Version 1.0.2 behebt vor allem kleinere Fehler, womit unter anderem die Sicherheit erhöht werden soll.

VLC 1.0.2 is out!


After almost 2 months and 27 million downloads of VLC 1.0.1, the VLC team is proud to present the third version of the Goldeneye branch of VLC: 1.0.2!

This version introduces many fixes, notably for SSA decoding, v4l2, MacOS interface, ogg/theora, x264 modules and security issues. It also introduces the port to 64bits for Mac OS platform and 2 new languages (Kazakh and Croatian).
Because of the security issues, we strongly recommand everybody to update its version of VLC.

Kostenlosen download gibt es bei den Machern “HIER“

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[DOWNLOAD ÁLBUM MUCHO PUNK] Clazziquai lança novo teaser "Tell Youself"

Sinceramente, não conhecia muito a respeito desse grupo. Para quem não conhece o grupo coreano chamado Clazziquai de uma lida na história do grupo.

Clazziquai (클래지콰이que significa Classico+Jazz+Groove – dança), é também conhecido como Clazziquai Project. É uma grupo coreano experimental que combina vários gêneros, incluindo Eletronico, jazz e house (??). O primeiro álbum não oficial do grupo foi lançado em 2001. A música do grupo foi passado através dos internautas pela interne que foi muito bem recebido pelos fãs com o estilo diferente de música. O grupo ficou distante até lançarem o primeiro álbum chamado Instant Pig em 2004 vendendo mais de 80.00 cópias. Desde então a música do grupo tem aparecido em vários comerciais, programas e filmes e eles tiveram a chance de apresentar em vários eventos.

Clazziquial ficaram muito famosos depois que lançaram as músicas “Be My Love” e “She Is” e foram apresentados no drama coreano My Lovely Samsoon e a música tornou-se a abertura do programa. O grupo ganhou um premio do Mnet KM Music Video Festival de melhor trilha snoea e também foram nominados para o premio do Coreano Mais Popular II, ganharam como artistas do ano e melhor música pop.

Clazziquai lançou o segundo álbum chamado Color You Soul em 2005, o terceiro álbum Child Of the Century em 2007 e o quarto álbum Mucho Punk em julho de 2009. Entre os lançamentos dos dois últimos álbuns, eles fizeram a versão japonesa do álbum. Eles mostraram que tem um estilo pouco convencional e provaram que são populares o bastante para abrir os seus olhos para o horizonte. Eles foram para outros países e assinaram contrato com aAvex Trax em 2005 e além de ganhar um álbum licenciado em Taiwan. Eles contribuíram com alguns artistas japoneses como Fantastic Plastic Machine e m-flo.

Com o último álbum lançado, o grupo não está satisfeito e estão prontos para lançar o novo single.

De uma olhadinha nas músicas do grupo e no novo teaser chamado Tell Yourself.

PS: Tinha apenas ouvido falar desse grupo, ainda bem que a curiosidade foi maior e resolvi escutar…. AMEI

O grupo também laçou um single em japonês, eles lançaram dia 10 de junho.

Quem quiser poderá fazer download do álbum do grupo. Espero que gostem.

Download Mucho Punk (Parte 1)

Download Mucho Punk (Parte 2)



By: Clover Girl

Wahh..Saykoji Lagukan Aksi BUgil Joko Anwar

Jakarta – Aksi sutradara Joko Anwar bugil di Circle K bikin heboh. Saykoji pun mempersembahkan sebuah lagu atas keberanian sutradara ‘Janji Joni’ itu.

Sebuah lagu dipersembahkan Saykoji secara gratisan lewat Di blog tersebut, lagu berdurasi 1.18 menit bisa didengarkan. Demikian dikutip detikhot dari blog Saykoji, Rabu (23/9/2009).

Secara singkat pelantun hits ‘Online’ itu memuji keberanian Joko menepati janjinya. Joko Anwar bugil di sebuah minimarket 24 jam di kawasan Bintaro setelah berjanji lewat Twitternya.

Joko berjanji jika pengikut akun Twitter-nya mencapai 3 ribu ia akan bugil di depan umum. Ternyata pengikutnya telah melebihi 13 ribu orang dan Joko pun menepati janjinya.

  • kalau ingin download lagunya di sini

Lirik syair lagu untuk Joko Anwar dari Saykoji:

Sang sutradara yang tunjukkan arah
Kemas cerita komedi tragedi prahara
Abadikan bicara, tangkap amarah..
Tangis dan tawa dalam satu film acara
Di tengah dunia penuh janji palsu dan tawar
Dalam gelap malam penuh kelelawar
Hiasi kenyataan ah seperti mawar
Telanjang masuk circle k si joko anwar

Janji itu janji jangan dilepaskan
Jangan lupa, jangan sampai dihempaskan
Hai elit politik, Joko Anwar pun tegaskan
Komitmen kuat… malu dilepaskan
Janji manis kampanye harus ditepati
Rakyat kecil pun saatnya kau dekati
Sambil cermati mulut otak sehati..
Apa hanya akal bulus kalian yang terlatih

Ya, lahir di Medan memang agak edan
‘Janji Joni’, janji Joko bikin segan
Sutradara mantan jurnalis bukan sembarang
Masuk pintu otaknya lewat ‘Pintu Terlarang’
Mungkin sensasi tapi mungkin warisan
Aksi telanjangnya sebagus film ‘Arisan’
Di kala ‘Quicky Express’ hanya sebatas fiksi
I know this nude punya misi punya visi

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What You Need to Know About Popular Software - Computer-Aided Design Software

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer technology to assist in the design and drafting, technical drawing, engineering drawing of a part, product, or building. It generates an output that meets the standards of discipline. Both two-dimensional and three dimensional drawings may be produced. Many current design packages view from any angle desired. The designer or a client can visualize the concept of up, down, and even within out.Common care applications include the design of tools and machinery used in the manufacture of components and the development and design a full range of buildings, small houses with massive commercial structures and industrial plants, hospitals and shopping centers. Engineers and others rely on computer-aided design during all, Computer,, Computer, Technology, Technology, stages of engineering. Benefits include reduced costs of product development and greatly shortens, Computer, Technology, the design cycle. May designers to create digital prototypes that are faster and cheaper to construct than, Computer, Technology, physical prototypes. They consider that the design and testing on screen, reducing product development time.Most CAD software run on Windows, but versions are available, Computer, Technology, for Unix (including Linux) and Apple computers. Depending on your needs, you may need additional RAM, a sophisticated graphics card, or even multiple processors. But in many cases, a standard, off-standard PC nicely. Some systems recommend a tablet scanning and even glasses for viewing stereoscopic 3D models.Starting in the 1980s, microcomputer relatively cheap based CAD software have led to downsizing extent in the departments editorial boards of several companies. Only one CAD operator could replace three to five editors working with traditional methods. In addition, many, Computer, Technology, engineers choose to care for their own writing. Because the high-end programs were very expensive, large firms often acquired advantage.There competitive are several types of CAD, each of which is used somewhat differently. As you can imagine, 2D systems, Computer, Technology, are low-end, Computer, Technology, . They, Computer, Technology, are often free, Computer, Technology, or cheap. These systems allow skilled workers to produce drawings quickly. 3D wireframe is basically an extension of 2D drafting. With such systems, each line must be manually inserted into the "dumb drawing.3D strong programs" create patterns in much the same way that people manipulate objects such as cylinders, prisms, cylinders and spheres . These programs allow, Computer, Technology, users to generate two-dimensional views. Programs 3D parametric solid modeling represent a step up from the previous category, but require additional training and sophistication of users. Do not believe sellers who tell you that users of their CAD software, even if not trained can do the right thing. Each design program has a learning curve.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stravinsky - Firebird Suite

from Free Albums Galore by Marvin

In the early 20th century, composer Igor Stravinsky created a triple crown of sort through three seminal works for the ballet; The Firebird, Petrushka, and The Rite of Spring. All three were commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev. the fiery impresario of the ballet company, Ballet Russes. The Firebird was the first composition , written and performed in 1910. Compared to the other two works, it is romantically conservative yet has the mark of a young firebrand of a composer who would soon be turning the musical world on its ears. The mark of the Russian nationalist composers is quite heavy but even this early part of the 20th century, Stravinsky was finding his own influential sound.

This version of The Firebird Suite was recorded on 78rpm discs in 1940 by the All-American Orchestra directed by Leopold Stokowski. It is a marvelous rendition deserving of any classical music collector’s collection. The sound is quite good considering the age and the transfer to MP3 by F. Reeder is, as expected, exceptional.

This work is available from the 78rpm collection of the Internet Archives.


Il primo numero de "Il Fatto Quotidiano" in download gratuito

Cari amici, come molti di voi sanno, alle 8 di questa mattina Il Fatto Quotidiano era già esaurito in tutte le edicole. Nonostante la giusta delusione dei tanti che non hanno potuto comprare il giornale, si tratta di una buona notizia.
[...] In via del tutto eccezionale, e solo per oggi, mettiamo online il giornale in versione pdf in modo che tutti coloro che non l’hanno trovato in edicola possano scaricarlo.

(da l’AnteFatto)

Scarica il file (pdf, 7.3 Mb)

Mark Milly – Sorry Rapper x Talk To Me (30 Days/30 Songs: Day Twenty Two x Twenty Three)

Haven’t used this picture in a while. That’s not really relevant, though. So, as I didn’t have my computer yesterday (on account that my dad was using it all day) I have no other choice but to post two Milly tracks together, again. The series is coming to an end, unfortunately, but these two tracks are definite hot points of the (so far) 23 days. We’ll let Milly talk about these two tracks, respectively.

Sorry Rapper – Well, we’re almost finished with 30 Days, 30 Songs this track serves as #22 in this series & Luck brings along his business partner/recording artist Reality “the don” to assist him on this Cold Play instrumental titled [Viva La Vida]. This is the track that sparked their relationship/connection with U.K. blogger “iDopeboy” [ ] He sent them the instrumental & the rest is history. Rappers, take notes! This isn’t your ordinary [rap stuff]…..

Talk To Me: Milly speaks briefly on how shady the music industry is & can be for an up ‘n coming artist + details what he and his crew have been through on their journey to success … thats just the 1st verse! On the 2nd verse he is speaking to females who always want to talk and fuss and argue at the wrong time. Listen to the words…. understand. Enjoy….

You can get both tracks after the jump.

- iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Sorry Rapper
DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Talk To Me

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Al-Qur’an Digital V 2.1

Al-Qur’an Digital 2.1 terdiri dari 30 Juz yang disertai Indeks, sehingga mempermudah dalam mencari ayat, Al-Qur’an Digital ini sangat praktis tanpa harus diinstal.

Kitab Bulughul Maram

Isi dan tampilannya sangat baik, disusun sesuai bab-bab masalah dan hadist juga disertai teks arabnya dan terjemahannya sehingga membantu kita untuk bisa menghafalnya.

Kumpulan Hadist Sahih

Kumpulan Hadist Sahih adalah sebuah file yang menyajikan berbagai Hadist Shahih dari berbagai Periwayat Ahli Hadist.

Al-Qur’an & Hadits Riyadhus Shalihin

Dalam file ini terdapat Al-Qur’an 30 Juz beserta Indeks, serta kitab Hadist Riyadhus Shalihin.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ano um + Legenda

Servidor: Megaupload / Vários Tamanho: 368 MB á 700MB Formato: AVI DVDscr Áudio: Inglês + Legenda Gênero: Comédia / Aventura 2009

Elenco: Durante o verão de 1987, o jovem James Brennan (Eisenberg) acabou de se formar no colégio. Ele está à procura de um trabalho e acaba conseguindo emprego num parque de diversões, onde descobre que é o local ideal para se preparar para o mundo.

Opções para download:

Versão SCREENER XviD Legendado ACE3 de 524MB e 368MB




Versão SCREENER XviD Inglês de 700MB






Longhorn 7Air.

Que tal começar o dia sentindo todo o poder do Longhorn, este tema é apenas para Windows 7 e me deixou de queixo caido e sem palavras. Nunca vi algo tão perfeito como esse tema.
Usuários do Windows 7 não deixem de conferir este perfeito tema. Ele é cheio de glass e blur, uma combinação perfeita. Como uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras e eu nem sei como dizer sobre o tema, confira a imagem!

Longhorn 7Air.

  • Download: Clique aqui.

15 Sitios para buscar archivos en "RapidShare"

Hola, hace tiempo que no escribía por aquí, casi todos sabemos que “RapidShare“  nos permite subir cualquier tipo de archivo a sus servidores para compartirlos con los demás, pero desafortunadamente este sitio no tiene ninguna forma de poder buscar todos los archivos que los usuarios tienen alojados ahí. Y como ustedes comprenderán que para bajar software, películas, conciertos, música, etc.; necesitamos la URL correspondiente del mismo. Esto es bueno en términos de privacidad, pero para solucionar este inconveniente existen motores de búsquedas externos a “RapidShare” que nos pueden facilitar la tarea y ahí encontrarán cientos de archivos listos para bajar. Aquí les dejo una lista de “quince” lugares donde pueden encontrar lo que seguramente están buscando.

1. Filez
2. RapidFox
3. RapidShared
4. ShareMiner
5. HellaFiles
6. FilesBot
7. RapidOSearch
8. RapidSearchEngine
9. RapidshareLink
10. OneClickFiles
11. SearchShared
12. EatPaperRapidshare
13. FileSearcher
14. MegaDownload
15. RapidshareURL

NOTA: Recuerden que para optener lo que están buscando, basta con escribir detalladamente lo que necesitan de esa manera seguro lo encontrarán.

Espero les sea útil la información, saludos

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mariah Carey interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show

We have to say the throwback do is not working. But, we’ll tough it through with Mariah. And, despite her efforts to get a number 1 records with “I Want To Know What Love is,” it’s not going to happen. Cover versions rarely go up there on the US charts. In fact, of all Mariah’s covers only “I’ll Be There” made it and it was a whole different scene for the charts then.

Reuters discute jornalismo colaborativo

Já baixei e estou adorando a leitura que compartilho com vocês. “Publicado pelo Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, está disponível para download gratuito, mais um livro sobre Jornalismo Cidadão e Participativo. Coisa rápida, de apenas 50 páginas, mas incluindo tópicos como a incorporação da participação pelo mainstream e algumas predições para o futuro. O Institute tem uma considerável coleção de publicações disponíveis para download.”. Grande dica do GJOL por meio do Ponto Media de António Granado

دانلود بازی Red Faction: Guerrilla 2009


این یک بازی جدید هستش که به نظر بدک نیست شاید قابل مقایسه با سایر بازی های اکشن نباشه ولی خوب در نوع خودش هم جالب هستش در کل اگر خواستین دانلود کنین

حداقل سیستم مورد نیاز :

• OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista;

• Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual-Core (Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2);

• Memory: 1 GB;

• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1300 c 128 MB memory and support for Shader Model 3.0;

• 15 GB of free space on your hard disk.

پیشنهادی ما :

• OS: Windows Vista;

• Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual-Core (Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2);

• RAM: 2 GB;

• Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800/ATI Radeon HD3850 c 256 MB memory and support for Shader Model 3.0;

• 15 GB of free space on your hard disk.

لینک دانلود در ادامه مطلب …

دانلود :


Saturday, September 19, 2009

14 jQuery Plugins Per Lavorare Con Le Immagini

Le funzioni in Javascript negli anni sono diventate molto popolari. Lo sviluppo con questa tecnologia è sempre in aumento diventando un utile supporto per qualsiasi tipo di ambiente per il Web, come i CMS Drupal, WordPress e Joomla, o gli eCommerce VirtueMart, Magento e osCommerce, o semplicemente in strutture realizzate in PHP, ASP.NET, Flash, HTML, XML, e via di seguito.

In BLI.IT puoi visionare dimostrativi in HTML, Flash e in CMS Drupal, WordPress e Joomla nella sezione dedicata ai Dimostrativi.

In Javascript, e nella sua biblioteca in jQuery, troviamo funzioni, estensioni o plugins pronte all’uso, di buona qualità e funzionali, alcune vendute e altre free, permettendoci il loro uso senza dovere scrivere una riga di codice. Questo ci permette di dedicarci maggiormente al progetto che stiamo realizzando.

La lista che segue è composta da Plugins in jQuery, un aiuto a migliorare la visualizazione di immagini sul Web.

Per ogni Plugin in jQuery abbiamo inserito il link di riferimento al Sito Web degli sviluppatori dove puoi trovare il demo ed effettuare il download.

Leggi tutto l’articolo, guarda le demo e fai il download dei 14 jQuery Plugins Per Lavorare Con Le Immagini.

Dappa!!!Dan Midas - Hold Your Head

New music from a new artist to my ears: Dappa!!!Dan Midas. I like this dudes sound for real. The guitar in this track is hypnotizing. The song has a very, very good feel to it. You should definitely get this track if you want a different kind of style of hip hop. Be on the lookout for The Long Road…. Longevity coming Fall/Winter of this year.

Download after my ever so glorious name.

- iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Dappa!!!Dan Midas – Hold Your Head

Friday, September 18, 2009



  • Episódios  para download:

01 – O Espadachim Negro

Tamanho: 67 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

02 – O Bando do Falcão

Tamanho: 69 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

03 – A Primeira Batalha

Tamanho: 69 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

04 – A Mão de Deus

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

05 – Um Vento de Espadas

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

06 – Zood o Imortal

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

07 – O Dono da Espada

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

08 – Conspiração

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

09 – Assassinato

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

10 – O Nobre

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

11 – A Batalha

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

12 – Juntos

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

13 – Preparado para a Morte

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

14 – Fogueira de Sonhos

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

15 – A Batalha Decisiva

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

16 – O Conquistador

Tamanho: 70 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

17 – Momento de Glória

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

18 – Lápide de Chamas

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

19 – Separação

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

20 – Faíscas

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

21 – Confissão

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

22 – Infiltração

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

23 – Antes do Banquete

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

24 – O Grande Eclipse

Tamanho: 71 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

25 – Momento de Eternidade

Tamanho: 69 Mb

Legendas: #Anbr

Uploader: -S-k-@-N-

Download: Clique aqui

The New Worck 272 of Paul Hazendonk

The end of the summer means… ‘Fall Is Coming’! A massive techno mix by Rotterdam’s Paul Hazendonk! Paul was already a big talent when he mixed TNW074, but now he’s a true master! Big! Since 1982!


- Photek – Glamourama (Virgin)

- Wah Chu Ku – T Times Too (Drumpoet Community)

- Mountain People – 008.3 (Mountain People)

- Thomas Lauren – Extend Life (DeeperSteeper Mix) (Savoir Records)

- Gui Boratto – No Turning Back (Wighnomy’s Likkalize Love Rekksmix) (Kompakt)

- Robin Masters Orchestra – My Mood (Society 3.0)

- Pierce – Espinosa (BluFin)

- Rich Jones – Cabal (Dave Robertson Remix) (Punch Funk)

- Ofrin – How Come (Tundra Thinks The Cause Is Distortion Rework) (Manual Music)

- The Field – The More I Do (Thomas Fehlmann Mix) (Kompakt)

- Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rosetti – Penalize (Sleaze)

- iO – Matin (Diynamic)

- M_Ferri – Beachball (In The Sand) (Autist)

- Dan Cat – Winterslow (Max Cooper Remix) (Playtime)

- Thomas Lauren – Beneath Her Multiplied Skin (King Fu)

- Harvey McKay – Sonic Sky (Manual Music)

- Ellen Allien – Lover (BPitch Control)

- iO – Jeton (Diynamic)

- Jackie Misfit – Kudi La Mapendo (Nima Gorji Remix) (Jesus Loved You)

- Elad Emek – Cheese Cake (Furrr & Hazendonk Remix) (Stolen Moments)

- Ezequiel Sanchez – Slightly Man (Dial)

- Boris Ross – Piece Of Mind (Luxa Flex)

- Nico Schwind – Gierig (The Autistic Disco) (Autist)

- Elad Emek – Far Away (Stolen Moments)

- Qbical – Covert Operation (Manual Music)

- Pan_Pot – Confronted (Mobilee)

- Gotye – Heart’s A Mess (SuperMayer Mix) (Kompakt)

Tutta colpa della pirateria?

Lo scorso 8 settembre è stato reso noto il Rapporto Univideo sullo stato dell’Editoria Audiovisiva in Italia relativo all’anno 2008.

La situazione non è rosea: la crisi economica internazionale ha determinato una contrazione evidente di tutte le spese e, contrariamente a quanto si crede circa le abitudini di consumo nei periodi bui, gli Italiani non si sono rifugiati nell’intrattenimento d’evasione.

Il settore dell’home video ha registrato una diminuzione sensibile nelle vendite di DVD, calo che si è fatto più sensibile nel settore del noleggio. Ecco alcuni dati tratti dal Rapporto Univideo:

La spesa che le famiglie italiane hanno destinato all’acquisto di supporti audiovisivi si è

assestata nel 2008 a 828 milioni di euro, il 17.1% in meno rispetto ai 998 milioni generati

nel 2007

Nel 2008 il fatturato del canale vendita è sceso a 406.4 milioni di euro, accusando un calo

del 14.2% per il complesso dei supporti Home Video, che ha portato le unità vendute a 33

milioni di pezzi (- 14.4% rispetto al 2007).

Gli acquisti di prodotti Home Video presso le edicole, dopo il consolidamento registrato

nel 2007, hanno evidenziato nel 2008 una riduzione del giro d’affari di entità lievemente

superiore a quella del canale vendita (-15%), facendo scendere il fatturato su livelli

prossimi ai 260.7 milioni di euro.

Tra il canali di consumo dell’Home Video il mercato del noleggio si conferma il più

penalizzato: nel 2008 il giro di affari ha, infatti, mostrato una flessione complessiva del

26.5%, legata ad una riduzione degli atti di noleggio di pari entità, che ne segnala la stabilità

dei prezzi.

La situazione per il 2009 non sembra migliorare:

Il quadro atteso per la seconda parte del 2009 si conferma difficile. Eventi sportivi di un

qualche interesse (Mondiali di nuoto, Confederation Cup) distoglieranno l’attenzione dello

spettatore ed anche la stagione climatica dell’estate 2009 si prospetta particolarmente

calda. A questi fattori si aggiunge un quadro congiunturale che si manterrà negativo per

tutto l’anno, con una forte contrazione dei consumi, in particolare per quelli non obbligati. Il

settore continua ad essere penalizzato dalla concorrenza di forme di intrattenimento

domestico, ma soprattutto danneggiato da forme di pirateria sempre più aggressive, in

assenza di politiche che riducano il download illegale.

Come si legge, da alcuni anni a questa parte nei Rapporti Univideo, sembra che la pirateria sia l’unico male del settore audiovisivo italiano.

Superare l’ostacolo della pirateria appare fondamentale per favorire lo sviluppo di un

mercato legale della distribuzione digitale. Nel nostro Paese la percentuale di utenti paganti per la visione di film in internet è infatti irrisoria se paragonata a quella di coloro

che vi accedono gratuitamente dalla rete o con il P2P.

Nell’indagine di Univideo, però manca una ricognizione precisa sui servizi già disponibili per il download legale. Perché la percentuale di utenti disposti a pagare per ottenere un film é così bassa? A tal proposito il Rapporto presenta alcuni dati poco significativi: in merito ai canali di distribuzione digitale legali disponibili in Italia non vengono forniti dati esaustivi. Pare che gli editori siano interessati al settore, ma questo non dice nulla sul tipo di investimento, sulle tipologie di piattaforma e sui modelli di vendita adottati. Trapelano solo alcune indicazioni generiche: Internet come piattaforma distributiva (il mobile viene ignorato nonostante la penetrazione dei dispositivi mobili raggiunga in Italia l’88,5%) associato al modello del download to own.

A influire sulla penetrazione della distribuzione digitale concorrono, ovviamente, gli accordi stabiliti con gli internet provider, il grado di penetrazione della banda larga (42% delle famiglie italiane, molto arretrata rispetto alla media europea), la dimestichezza con le tecnologie digitali, la qualità e l’ampiezza d’offerta di contenuti, e ancora una volta la pirateria.

Quello che però sembra emergere dal Rapporto Univideo è una profonda incomprensione del fenomeno della pirateria. Permangono alcuni stereotipi tipici di un approccio datato al problema. Si ignora che:

- la pirateria può funzionare come strumento in grado di innescare il passaparola e quindi incidere positivamente sulle vendite;

- la pirateria persiste se non esistono alternative di accesso ai contenuti legali, alternative che devono essere efficienti ed economicamente appetibili (non si può vendere un file allo stesso prezzo di un DVD);

- la pirateria vince sulle logiche distributive perché permette di creare un contatto diretto tra utente e contenuto. Un ripensamento radicale delle finestre distributive è fondamentale per innescare dinamiche di affezione al prodotto audiovisivo che le lunghe attese dei passaggi tradizionali inevitabilmente soffocano.

Insomma, è fin troppo facile occuparsi di un settore così specifico dell’audiovisivo, quelle dei supporti audiovisivi (VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray) e poi accusare un agente esterno della contrazione del mercato senza conoscere a fondo questo infiltrato, e senza proporre un nuovo approccio alla distribuzione che tenga conto delle dinamiche del Web.

Per concludere in allegria, l’orrido spot, promosso da Univideo e Confindustria, per promuovere il consumo di DVD.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pavement is back, tix on pre-sale tomorrow...

The indie Gods smiled upon us today…and by that, I mean Pavement.  After two days of rumors and a 10-year hiatus, Malkmus and company made the comeback official today in a statement from their label Matador:

“Pavement’s catalog … has come to define in the eyes of many the blueprint for independent rock over the past generation,” the press release says. “An evidentiary compilation release is planned to coincide with the touring sometime in 2010. … Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.”

The only date confirmed at this time is September 21, 2010 in Central Park…that’s right, a year and 4 days from now.  What’s another year when it’s already been 10 since their last gig?  Strangest part is that the pre-sale begins TOMORROW here at 10 am EST.  Just checked my calendar, it’s clear. Pssst: password is ZOWEE.  Let’s get it on!  Full press release after the jump.

Pavement – Baptist Blacktick

Pavement – Fame Throwa


Ever since that fateful night in late 1999 when Pavement left the public eye with a final show at London’s Brixton Academy, we’ve often fantasized about the day when we could finally tell the world “yes, Brooklyn Vegan scooped us, Pavement are back.”

After years of speculation, the most important American band of the 1990’s is returning to the stage, with the lineup of Mark Ibold, Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West reuniting for dates around the world in 2010.  Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.

Described in their own Wikipedia entry as having experienced “moderate commercial success”, Pavement’s catalog for the Matador, Domino, Drag City and Treble Kicker imprints has come to define in the eyes of many the blueprint for independent rock over the past generation. In spite of this, the records are still pretty fantastic, and we’re fully prepared to remind you of such with a details-to-be-determined compilation album planned for release sometime in 2010.

The first show announced is a New York performance on September 21, 2010 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. Things worked out really well when Diana Ross played Central Park in 1983, and we have no reason to suspect Pavement’s return to the live arena won’t generate similar headlines.

A pre-sale begins at 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 18, 2009 (tomorrow).  The password for the pre-sale is ZOWEE .  The general on-sale is slated for 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 25, 2009.  Please note that tickets will be available without surcharges from the Nokia Theatre box office in Times Square and from Earwax at 218 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

The new Spiral Stairs LP/CD/digital album ‘The Real Feel’, Scott Kannberg’s first album under the S.S. nom de plume after two Preston School Of Industry long-players, is available October 20, 2009.  Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks are playing 4 Australian shows later this month, and plan to begin recording their 5th album in the near future.

Cesare Vs Disorder – Dumb Unit [gtc075]

La nouvelle école londonienne est bien partie pour truster le haut des charts. Que ce soit Kris Wadsworth, Gavin Herlihy ou Cesar Merveille, tous sont déjà repérés par les plus gros labels européens. Et c’est aussi le cas pour Cesare vs Disorder aka Queen Atom qui signe actuellement les plus grosses releases de Dumb Unit. Si vous n’avez jamais écouté le bonhomme, jetez ue oreille sur son ep Slower Luv pour comprendre de quoi je parle. Ce gars possède les basses les plus lourdes du circuit, son groove est diabolique. Assurément l’un des types à suivre du moment

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rilasciato Google Chrome 3.0

Google Chrome 3.0

Google Chrome spinge sull’acceleratore: più veloce, leggero e con la possibilità di personalizzare l’interfaccia. Il motore Javascript risulta più potente del 25% rispetto alla precedente versione e dalla prima release di Chrome a quella odierna, Google ha implementato la potenza del motore Javascript di oltre il 150%. Migliorato anche il supporto ad HTML5.

Novità nell’organizzazione della pagina dei Tab. Altra caratteristica è che l’utente può nascondere le parti della pagina che non vuol vedere o scegliere una visualizzazione essenziale di tutti i siti Internet maggiormente visitati.

Per avere il download anche su Mac e Linux bisognerà aspettare qualche giorno.

Maggiori info le trovate nel blog ufficiale.

Download Google Chrome

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Miriels Enchanted Mystery game

Join Miriel as she once again travels the world opening shops and using her magic to help sell tasty goods. This time, though, everything is not as it seems! A mysterious artifact has come into her possession that leads her down a path of folklore, intrigue and ancient power. It’s going to take a lot of work to save the world and Miriel needs your help!

Learn more about Miriels Enchanted Mystery game

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Download SmadAV 2009 Rev 6.4

dotEXE – setelah 1 bulan berselang, tim Smadav akhirnya merilis juga revisi 6.4 dari Smadav 2009.

Silakan download via Ziddu di:

Berikut ini adalah daftar lengkap Penyempurnaan Smadav 2009 Rev. 6.4 :

  • Penambahan database ratusan virus lokal baru
  • Perbaikan pendeteksian Sality agar lebih akurat
  • Perbaikan kesalahan pendeteksian pada beberapa file
  • [Smadav Pro] Daftar pengecualian scanning (Exception List)
  • [Smadav Pro] Menghilangkan panel kanan (Hide Panel)
  • Penambahan option klik kanan dan checkbox pada tampilan alert smadav
  • Perbaikan bug pada scanning file tang lebih besar dari 1 GB
  • Penambahan status hidden pada tampilan form auto-scan flashdisk
  • Perbaikan bug scanning process ketika klik kanan “Scan with Smadav”
  • Perbaikan bug klik kanan “Scan with Smadav” di Vista
  • Perbaikan bug pada pendeteksian LNK

doggy poo ^^ her şey şirin olabilir :)

special a’dan beri çizgilerden uzaktım.. ta ki bugün bu 33 dakikalık kore yapımı çizgi filmi seyredene kadar.. ayrıca ilk defa bir kore çizgisi seyretmek beni çok mutlu etti.. böyle bir bakış açısı ancak korelilerden çıkabilirdi..

walla nasıl anlatsam bilmiyorum.. başroldaki karakterimiz oldukça komik çünkü.. o bir ‘köpek kakası’.. bir köy yolunun orta yerinde dünyaya gözlerini açmış.. biri bana deseydi ki bi köpek kakası seni çok duygulandıracak ve çok mutlu edecek.. bilmiyorum nasıl bir karşılık verirdim..

üzülmesi ağlaması o kadar tatlıydı ki.. yanında duran toprak parçası ona “hayatta her şeyin bir yaradılış amacı vardır” demişti.. bunun üzerine hiçbir yere kıpırdayamadığı halde yaratılış amacını bulmaya uğraştı.. ayrıca çizgilerin korecesi de kulağa ayrı bir hoş geliyor benden söylemesi

benim izlediğimde türkçe altyazı gömülüydü, biraz geç geliyordu ama çok rahatsız edici değildi..  isteraeniz bu adresten ulaşabilirsiniz..

THIS IS US (2009)

BSB atau Backstreet boys mengeluarkan album baru tahun 2009 “This Is Us” . Jadi inget masa-masa SMP-SMA, gw lagi ngefans2 sama boyband asal Florida yang satu ini. Sekarang sih gak ngefans bgt kayak dolo lagi tapi kalo BSB bikin album pasti gw selalu denger..

Balik lagi ke : ” This Is Us”

beritanya dari wikipedia nih :

The group has been working on a new album due for release on October 6, 2009 and are confirmed to be working with Max Martin, Lady Gaga, OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder, RedOne, Ne-Yo, Brian Kennedy, Jazze Pha, Pitbull, Claude Kelly, Akon, Jim Jonsin, Eddie Galan, T-Pain, Rami Yacoub, Kristian Lundin, and many others.

In an interview with Extra TV the Backstreet Boys confirmed the title of their seventh album to be “This Is Us”.

The Backstreet Boys formally announced the dates for the European leg of the new tour for their newest album, “This is Us”. The tour will start on October 30.

The first single off their new album was released on July 23 under the name “Straight Through My Heart”, and will be released to radio airwaves on August 17th. It will be available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon on August 18th.

On August 27th 2009, the Backstreet Boys premiered their music video for “Straight Through My Heart”, following a vampire theme. As of now there are 11 confirmed songs on the album.


1. “Straight Through My Heart” (RedOne) download MP3

2. “Bigger” (Max Martin)

3. “Bye Bye Love”

4. “All of Your Life (You Need Love)”

5. “If I Knew Then”

6. “This is Us”

7. “PDA” (Kevin Borg)

8. “Masquerade”[

9. “She’s a Dream”

10. “Shattered”

11. “Undone”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ministério Público que tirar "No Limite 4" do ar

O reality show “No Limite” está sendo acusado mais uma vez por maus tratos aos animais. O Ministério Público (MP) do Ceará entrou com uma ação civil pedindo que a Rede Globo retire o programa do ar.

O órgão público tenta há três semanas que a emissora assine um termo de ajustamento de conduta (TAC) para não agredir os animais no programa. Como o MP não recebeu nenhum representante da Globo para tratar do assunto, o órgão resolveu tomar uma atitude mais drástica.

“No Limite”, que é gravado no estado nordestino, termina no próximo dia 27. Por isso, é muito difícil que seja punido pela ação.

Em agosto, manifestantes de um grupo em defesa dos animais realizaram um protesto em frente à sede paulista da Globo e chamaram atenção do Ministério.


Official Site:

(SINGLE) Prime Star / 僕らの未来



  1. Prime Star
  2. 僕らの未来
  3. Prime Star (off vocal ver.)
  4. 僕らの未来 (off vocal ver.)

Download Here

(ALBUM) Brilliant sign



  1. Perfect tears
  2. Blood Knife
  3. Bravin’ Bad Brew
  4. In the Dark
  6. 優美なる孤独
  7. 硝子のLoneliness
  8. 夢の終わり
  9. あなただけは…
  10. オモイノチカラ
  11. Real
  12. Brilliant Days
  13. しずく

Download Here

(SINGLE) Perfect tears



01.Perfect tears

02.硝子のLoneliness (Re Mix)

03.Perfect tears (Off Vocal)

04.硝子のLoneliness (Re Mix) (Off Vocal)

Download Here

(SINGLE) Bravin’ Bad Brew



  1. Bravin’ Bad Brew
  2. 優美なる孤独
  3. Bravin’ Bad Brew  (Off Vocal)
  4. 優美なる孤独  (Off Vocal)

Download Here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In-I score download

In-I starring Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche is playing at BAM Harvey Theater (NY) this week.

To download tracks click on the buttons on the right hand side – it’s very easy!

To get news of more tracks like this you could join Philip here on Twitter:

Or leave a comment below and we’ll send you links to other free tracks when they’re released.

[VID/CAP] Hyori - Superstar K (슈퍼스타K) [Week #8]

‘Superstar K’ (Sept 11,2009)


And the rest.. @MingoKwak /Youtube

All ‘Superstar K’ episode has been removed by Youtube :’(

So i won’t upload anymore…its copyright by M-net

You can download Ep.8 (and all EP) @ aja-aja & mac

Hope everyone still continue watching Hyori as a judge here & support this show

because hyori support this show so we should as well haha what the!

even if it hard to find streaming link SSK video @Youtube now

(Actually it because W. is beautiful everytime on Superstar K LOL)




- CAP -

Hyori went to support them.. so funny how she want to surprised them

And.. dang thier room~~ so meesy!


[nws113] netwaves 3.37: lazy beats (2009)

After a nice hot summer, netwaves is preparing itself for a new season that starts on 5 oct. But this september we have to finish the last episodes of our third season. This episode is filled with lazy beats.

Our live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium.

The program is compiled by netlabelism, Sara, Jan, Toon, jspr, Pieter, Jonas & embe.