Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mark Milly – Sorry Rapper x Talk To Me (30 Days/30 Songs: Day Twenty Two x Twenty Three)

Haven’t used this picture in a while. That’s not really relevant, though. So, as I didn’t have my computer yesterday (on account that my dad was using it all day) I have no other choice but to post two Milly tracks together, again. The series is coming to an end, unfortunately, but these two tracks are definite hot points of the (so far) 23 days. We’ll let Milly talk about these two tracks, respectively.

Sorry Rapper – Well, we’re almost finished with 30 Days, 30 Songs this track serves as #22 in this series & Luck brings along his business partner/recording artist Reality “the don” to assist him on this Cold Play instrumental titled [Viva La Vida]. This is the track that sparked their relationship/connection with U.K. blogger “iDopeboy” [ ] He sent them the instrumental & the rest is history. Rappers, take notes! This isn’t your ordinary [rap stuff]…..

Talk To Me: Milly speaks briefly on how shady the music industry is & can be for an up ‘n coming artist + details what he and his crew have been through on their journey to success … thats just the 1st verse! On the 2nd verse he is speaking to females who always want to talk and fuss and argue at the wrong time. Listen to the words…. understand. Enjoy….

You can get both tracks after the jump.

- iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Sorry Rapper

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – Talk To Me

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