Sunday, September 13, 2009

[VID/CAP] Hyori - Superstar K (슈퍼스타K) [Week #8]

‘Superstar K’ (Sept 11,2009)


And the rest.. @MingoKwak /Youtube

All ‘Superstar K’ episode has been removed by Youtube :’(

So i won’t upload anymore…its copyright by M-net

You can download Ep.8 (and all EP) @ aja-aja & mac

Hope everyone still continue watching Hyori as a judge here & support this show

because hyori support this show so we should as well haha what the!

even if it hard to find streaming link SSK video @Youtube now

(Actually it because W. is beautiful everytime on Superstar K LOL)




- CAP -

Hyori went to support them.. so funny how she want to surprised them

And.. dang thier room~~ so meesy!


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