Friday, September 25, 2009

Tei- The Shine 2009 (MU)


As said in another post, Tei has released a mini album after a long hiatus on Sept 09, 2009 ( You can see, a very special day 09/09/2009)…. I think this album is an good album, he is definitely a talented singer… ^^ Love his voice… (I don’t get why ppl call Tim is Ballad Prince, in my opinion, Tei is much better, better and stronger voice)… I still can’t forget his performance on X-man when he imitated other singers’ voices. Just so impressive !!!!! v^^v

I’ve planned to make a discography post for TEI but I’m just busy and not yet check out my music folder. I hope I still have all of his albums… I’ll try to take some times to post all of his albums and Lee Soo Young’s as well (She is my favourite Korean female singers- Ballad Queen)



01.내게 가장 아픈말… 친구 / The Most Painful Word For Me – Friend

02.독설 / Poisonous Tongue

03.Mr. Lonely (Feat. After school Bekha) Rap Ver.

04.From The Heaven

05.Mr. Lonely

06.독설 (MR)

Download mp3 link:

Poisonous Tongue MV

Credit: urasiansourceKpop @youtube

His special stage performance with Park Hyo Shin

Listen- Park Hyo Shin & Tei

Credit: donkunlove33hany @youtube

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