Friday, November 27, 2009

Zero G - Ransom / Scorpion

Good evening! Tak and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or a normal Thursday evening if you’re from across the world. We also hope you can stomach the terrible tracks we’re going to be dishing out tonight. Tak may not be posting as he’s in Alabama with his family, but he has a release in store that’s a destroyer.

The release I’ll be delivering this evening is from a man called Zero G. A quick search shows little about him, yet this didn’t fool me when I peeped this release for the first time. The first track, ‘Ransom’ features a moody synth and sort of bongo in the beginning of the track. Very junglish and tribal, dark and foggy almost. As the song progresses and drops you hit a sort of scratching, wobbly tune that will no doubt be orgasmic to anybody who is a wobstep fan.

The second track, ‘Scorpion’, is something that would be heard on Dubstep Allstars of some sort. It’s a lighter version of Ransom, with the same type of wobble. It’s a bit easier on the ears and isn’t as dramatic; something you could get work done to. It’s a fantastic track, regardless of the similarity to it’s A Side.

Artist: Zero G

Release: Ransom / Scorpion [SUBSCUM004]


1) Ransom

2) Scorpion



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