Friday, November 27, 2009

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Mix from netaudio scene releases.

yes, for lovers!

01. ZhangJW – A3 (Paris EP, Bypass)

02. Iambic² – Touch The Sky (Under These Stars, We’ll Sleep Again, Laridae)

03. Corwin Trails – Hakim Bay (Corwin Trails, Archaic Horizon)

04. Gabriel & Track53- Contrail (Document C, The Whisper Foundation)

05. Nocow – Failing Flame (Aley, Dedpop)

06. Track53 – Arcus Current (Document C, The Whisper Foundation)

07. Orange Crush – The Stream (Autumn Reflections, Archaic Horizon)

08. Gabriel – Newtonian (The Motion Range EP, Retronym)

09. Pix – To Begin Again (Life Living, Fresh Poulp Records)

10. Saturday Index – Partly Cloudy (Dub Forecast mmx) (Partly Cloudy, Archaic Horizon)

11. Beitegeuze – Caulerpa Taxifolia (Form, Laridae)

12. Orange Crush – Deep Float (The Fields, Archaic Horizon)

13. 91plus – Haunted Pylons (Sunsetter EP, Retronym)

14. Dissolved – Brittle Star Covenant (Document C, The Whisper Foundation)

15. Gabriel – Durham Avenue (with Orange Crush) (The Motion Range EP, Retronym)

16. Ikimashoo Aoi – We Love You a Thousand (Winter, Enough Records)

17. Boreal Network – Zero Zero Zulu (Aviation Weather, Self released)

18. Cilocub – Slowly Turning Leaves (March Febrile EP, Retronym)

19. Crisopa – Suenos De Babirusa (Filamentosa EP, Persona Isla)

20. Fieldtriqp – In Flight mmx (Wasted Magic in the Sound, Archaic Horizon)

21. Lithium Enchantment – Troposail (Lithium Enchantment, Archaic Horizon)

22. Ten and Tracer – A Distant Monarch (Milieu mix4) (Wasted Magic in the Sound, Archaic Horizon)

23. (Val)liam – Orange Horizon (Early Reflections, Dewtone)

24. Sinkfield – Raising An Ocean (Sun Burned Memories, Archaic Horizon)

25. Boreal Network – The Big Fitz (Aviation Weather, Self released)

26. Boreal Network – Birch Pine Maple Oak (Birch Pine Maple Oak, Self released)

27. 2% – Tops (Nowcast, Archaic Horizon)

28. Imtech – The Knack (Cycles, Camomille Music)


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