Monday, November 23, 2009

Mistabishi - From Memory (Matrix Remix) / I Feel LOL

Ah Mistabishi, it has been way too long. Although this may be his last release on Hospital Records after his pseudo-DJing scandal at Bassment presents Hospitality at Bar Mango. Personally, I could care less whether he DJ’s live or not at a set. There is a certain tinge of authenticity that comes with live mixing, as long as the tunes are good and nobody can see, who will notice? Although this clearly wasn’t the case at Hospitality. He even released a previously unreleased track on

In any case, the two tracks featured on one of the latest Hospital releases are absolutely wonderful, with a hint of weird not previously featured on Hospital or any label for that matter. The first track is Matrix’s remix of ‘From Memory’ from the album Drop. It’s an eerie sounding, almost euphoric cut of the song. The male and female voices are capped in such a way that gives it a soulful feeling unmatched by anybody else. It’s quite an oddball of a song.

The second track is aptly called ‘I Feel LOL’ and rightly so. It’s a bouncy tune with a female synthesized type of voice. It features a seemingly teenage idea of love with quite a few curses that do indeed bring the LOL. It’s a neat little track, yet at about 3:30 into the tracker it goes through a bunch of speed changes and the last minute or two finishes out at at least 1/2 speed. It really could have been better without the slowdown.

In any case, it’s a must have for any collection.

Artist: Mistabishi

Release: From Memory (Matrix Remix) / I Feel LOL [NHS157]


1) From Memory (Matrix Remix)

2) I Feel LOL


Alternate Mirrors

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