Friday, February 19, 2010

Emperors - "Favourite Colours"

I heard Emperors one day on triple j and was blown away by the fact that they were unsigned.

“Favourite Colours” is simply a damn catchy rock song. I can imagine the energy seeing these guys playing live would be through the roof if the quality of their playing is on par with their recorded work.

The vocal lines are powerful, despite not having a massive range. They compliment the guitar rhythms. Acoustic guitars provide a great bridge to the build-up of the song and it’s finish. Well worth checking out.

I think there’s a massive misconception with many reviewers that it’s harder for a song to be good unless it’s revolutionising a genre, or pioneering an entirely new type of music. It seems that too often, reviews give a lower score because the songs aren’t something completely new or different. There’s nothing revolutionary in this song, nor are Emperors pioneering any underground genre of music and leading the way. Yet I like it enough to take at least half an hour out of my day to write about it. Surely that say enough about the song (and if it doesn’t, drag your eyes down a line to the score it received).

Score: 8/10

Grab a free download of “Favourite Colours” here.


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