Monday, February 22, 2010

Discography: Jerry Yan

A  collectionof Jerry’s albums.. Just want to share with everyone since his latest drama, called “Down with Love” was just started airing this month… Love his chemistry with his co-star, Elle Chen… They are so cute together… If they could date, it would be nice…

Jerry for you (2004)


01. 一公尺 One Meter

02. 做個好情人 Be A Good Lover

03. 記憶拼圖 Memory Pieces

04. 陪襯品 Decoration

05. 想要愛你 I Want To Love You

06. 地心引力 Gravity

07. I Want It Now

08. 隔離 Isolation

09. 忘了自己 Forget Myself

10. Fantasy

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I still keep this album in my CD rack.. I was so lucky when my friend in China could buy the authentic CD instead of Chinese pirated CD… I got the day version, that’s why I put the poster image is day version…. My cd came with a cute calendar notebook..

Freedom (2009)


01 Thank You

02 我會很愛妳(SONY WALKMAN 廣告主題曲)(I Will Love You Very Much)

03 在KTV說愛你(韓劇【伊甸園之東】 片頭曲)(Say Love You At KTV)

04 一半(偶像劇【籃球火】片尾曲) (Half)

05 去闖 (To Pursue/To Give Best Shot)

06 多出來的自由 (Extra Freedom)

07 黑咖啡日記 (Black Coffee Diary)

08     Lost Love

09 愚人節 (April Fool’s Day)

10 等你回來 (Wait For You To Come Back)

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My Secret Love- New & Best Collection 2CDs (2010)


Disc 1

01. 怕黑 (New)

02. 失寵 (New)

03. 習慣兩個人 (New)

04. 一公尺

05. 在KTV說愛你

06. 記憶拼圖

07. 我沒有辦法離開妳

08. 忘了自己

09. 做個好情人

10. 要定妳

11. 隔離

12. 等你回來

13. Fantasy

14. 一半

Disc 2

01. 你是我唯一的執著

02. 多出來的自由

03. 我會很愛妳

04. 黑咖啡日記

05. 地心引力

06. 只有我

07. I Want It Now

08. 愚人節

09. Lost Love

10. 陪襯品

11. 想要愛妳

12. 去闖

13. 我是真的真的很愛妳

14. Thank You

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