Monday, February 22, 2010

Breaststroke & High

Mathemagic have been working on a bunch of new jams recently, 5 new tracks are for their upcoming EP and with thanks to Evan from Mathemagic we are totally honoured to be able to let you guys grab a couple of their other new exclusive tracks.

If beaches could write music, they would sound like ‘Breaststroke‘ and ‘High‘. High starts with that Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere‘ style glassy synth arpeggiation, which is the perfect tool to transport you into their melodies. Just like M83’s tracks make me think of cityscapes and clips from movies like ‘Sunshine‘, Mathemagic take it to the beach. Their jams carry a ‘feel’ to them, just like Beach Boys tracks have that amazing vibe that goes beyond the chord progressions Mathemagic’s tracks are like 4 minute time (and place) capsules. The swells of their synth sound like melodic versions of the ocean lapping again the coast. The picked bass line of ‘Breastrokes‘ alone will make you want to stick it on repeat. Man I can’t wait for summer.

Mathemagic – Breastroke



Mathemagic – High


These guys are going to be huge, so in a few months time when they’re all over Pitchfork and Gorilla Vs Bear you can say “I heard them way before all of you“.


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