Monday, March 15, 2010

wpCAS-w-LDAP 1.0

Author: Ioannis C. Yessios

wpCAS-w-LDAP allows you to use your own CAS architecture to authenticate users in your WordPress blog. It also allows you to configure an LDAP connection to get user information for user not already members of your WordPress installation


Download phpCAS and place it on your webserver so that it can be included by the wpCAS-w-LDAP plugin.

Place the plugin folder in your wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it.

Set any options you want in Settings -> wpCAS with LDAP or in the wpcasldap-conf.php file.

The plugin starts intercepting authentication attempts as soon as you activate it. Use another browser or another computer to test the configuration.


wpCAS-w-LDAP can be configured either via the settings page in the WordPress dashboard, or via a configuration file. See wpcasldap-conf-sample.php for an example. If a config file is used, it overrides any settings that might have been made via the settings page and configured portion of that page are hidden.

Use of wpcasldap-conf.php is recommended for the CAS and LDAP portions of an WordPressMU installations, as doing so hides the settings menu from users. The option to use LDAP, add users, and default role can be left to blog administrators.


What version of phpCAS should I use?

wpCAS-w-LDAP has been tested with phpCAS version 1.0.1.

Where do I get phpCAS

How’s it work?

Users who attempt to login to WordPress are redirected to the central CAS sign-on screen. After the user’s credentials are verified, s/he is then redirected back to the WordPress site. If the CAS username matches the WordPress username, the user is recognized as valid and allowed access. If the CAS username does not exist in WordPress, you can define a function that could provision the user in the site.

What’s the relationship between LDAP and CAS?

There is none.

What if LDAP is not installed on my server?

wpCAS-w-LDAP will ignore attempts to use LDAP and will essentially work just like wpCAS by Casey Bisson.

Doesn’t this already exist?

wpCAS-w-LDAP replicates the functionality of wpCAS by Casey Bisson. It adds LDAP functionality to his original code. I created wpCAS-w-LDAP so that when new users are added my WordPressMU install, they will be added with a full set of information.

wpCAS-w-LDAP 1.0


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