Friday, March 19, 2010

How You Can Download and Burn XBOX 360 Games - Firmware w No Mod Chips, No Bans ;). Watch accomplished vid!

XBOX-Games.bestreviewed.Net – IMPORTANT Please watch the whole vid! As of Jan 20 / 2010 new xbox 360 firmware for XBOX 360 flashing has been released called LT (light-touch). This eliminates banning problems that occurred before! NO BANS! Learn how to use it at this site below and start downloading games in 5 min!! NO mod chips were needed for this at all. Common questions: You Can No Longer Get Banned! NO monthly fee NO mod chips, but you must FLASH your XBOX You CAN play on Live freely DVD+R DL ~8.5GB discs are needed. You can play your old store bought games Yes… you can get achievements of course! XBOX 360 firmware will work with xboxs from around the world. Hey, here’s another video showing you how I download and burn xbox 360 games. I download them following instructions on the site at the link above and then burn them to DVD+R DL discs and play the backup games on my system as if they were store bought games. Of course I can also play on XBOX Live – the site shows you how to stealth patch your games that disallows XBOX Live from telling what kind of disc you’re playing from. The site shows you where to download games in a few hours – I have been able to get games at 800kb per second – just check my last video here: If you want to start downloading and burning all your games to play on your XBOX, what are you waiting for? Just visit the site above and you’ll be able to do it. I have a vested interest in this service btw, and this is meant for …


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