Friday, January 1, 2010

ZenphotoPress 1.6.2

Author: Alessandro Morandi

ZenphotoPress is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easier

to add images stored in a Zenphoto gallery into a blog.

It provides


Expand the compressed archive in your

WordPress plugins directory (most likely


Open WordPress and activate the plugin from

the Plugins menu.

Configure ZenphotoPress. Open the Settings menu

and select ZenphotoPress. Insert the URL of your

Zenphoto gallery. That’s it!

Please notice that you may need to clear your browser cache in

order to see the ZenphotoPress icon in the rich text editor.


Where’s my ZenphotoPress icon?

If you don’t see the icon in the WordPress editor, it’s most

likely because of your browser’s cache. Try clearing it and

reloading the page.

How do I use the shortcode?

The most basic shortcode works pretty much like the

shortcode in WordPress (except it fetches images from Zenphoto, of course):


You can also specify one or more of the following parameters:

sort (how to sort images), number (how many images to show) and album

(where to pick the images from).

[zenphotopress sort=random number=3 album=0]

For more information, see the file howto_shortcode.txt in the

plugin’s root directory.

I’m having problems. Is there a debug mode somewhere?

I’m glad you asked :D

You can enable a debug mode, which will show more error and info

messages. This can be helpful when trying to solve an issue by yourself

or when asking for help.

To enable debug mode, open the file named classes.php, and change

$zp_eh = new ZenphotoPressErrorHandler(ZP_E_FATAL);


$zp_eh = new ZenphotoPressErrorHandler(ZP_E_ALL);

Please be aware that some of the debug info contains sensitive data

relative to the webserver. Keep this in mind when pasting it on the net.

I don’t see any album in ZenphotoPress

There are many possible reasons. On of them is that your WP plugin

folder (or any of its parent folders) is password protected: since

ZenphotoPress doesn’t know your password, it cannot access the page

it uses to collect data.

Nothing works after updating to Zenphoto 1.2.6

That’s because since 1.2.6 zp-config.php was moved from the zp-core/ folder

to the zp-data/ folder. Run the ZenphotoPress configuration once more and

everything should be working again.

What about the name?

ZenphotoPress was once called ZenPress. The name was changed

since version 1.3, because ZenPress was already

a registered trademark.

ZenphotoPress 1.6.2


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