Friday, January 8, 2010

New Christina Aguilera video? Or Goldfrapp? Maybe GaGa?

There’s a huge buzz circulating around the blogosphere (we are using this word today in commemoration of the fact that the person who coined it had just died) is these two videos of a “mystery” artist, being promoted by an anonymous Twitter account by the name of @iamamiwhoami.  These are two clips of an upcoming album of some artist that is yet to be known. It could be goldfrapp’s “Rocket” and it might be. The first single from the return to dance-synth. But, we feel like Goldfrapp, as fabulous as she is, can’t afford that type of video. Also, Goldfrapp is already doing something anonymously under the name Sylvie Nylon, so why should she conjure up something else. It’s to much of a diversion. Next, GaGa. It would be her because she is in the middle of The Fame Monster and it’s too dressed down for her. Our prediction is that it’s none other than Christina Aguilera. No one licks like that except Christina. And, she has always been the kind to shock and awe before and album. Plus, the features on the licky monster are so xtina-ish.

If it is Xtina, then I alread give the album an A. It’s just so shockingly sexy. Loving the sound.


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