Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Lil Wayne and His "Rebirth" Album His Version of "Andre 3000"

As we all know before Lil Wayne released The Carter III he endured loosing loved ones in Hurricane Katrina, polished his craft, with Andre 3000 as a mentor, and attended the University of Houston majoring in Political Science. Fast forward to the present and you have the “Rebirth” of Lil Wayne. Not taking anything away from Lil Weezy because I actually enjoyed the Rebirth album but it felt like the concept was nothing more than Andre 3000 at his best. It makes me wonder if Andre 3000 came up with most of the material for Weezys Rebirth album beginning prior to The Carter III and if that’s the real reason Outkast fans have yet to receive a solo album from Mr. 3000 or another group project from Outkast as promised… Well thats enough of what I think let me know what you think. Below you’ll find a download link for Lil Wayne’s Da Da Da single from the Rebirth Rock album.


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