Monday, January 18, 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love In You Promotion Mix January 2010

It’s amazing what you find when trawling through random WordPress blogs. Imagine my surprise when I came across this amazing piece of golden audio bliss. Randomly jumping from link to link via those “possibly related posts” that are automatically generated underneath blog posts, i noticed two words that instantly caught my attention – ‘Four’ and ‘Tet’. Fully reading the title I then noticed the year 2010. A quick mental check and I realised that it was indeed a fairly current post. So without hesitation I clicked. What I came across made me happy in my pants. So whilst I reached for the tissues, I hit the download on Four Tet’s;  ‘There is Love in you Promotion Mix January 2010‘ – a Promo mix he’s done for the release of his upcoming album ‘There is Love In You’

Being a fan of everything Four Tet touches, my hopes were high. It only took one initial listen for every hope to be met. It’s beautiful. It’s a mix that you’ll find it quite easy to loose track that it’s actually a promo for a soon to be released album, and something you’ll copy and back up, burn onto several CDs and then record to cassette just to ensure you don’t ever loose it. Overall it’s made me that much more excited about his upcoming album, and make me wonder, considering the awesomeness of this mix, how good could the album possibly be?

File:Four Tet - There Is Love in You (CD).jpgBut back on track! The mix itself is an intensely warm and enveloping journey full of percussive pieces littered with Four Tet’s trademark style of “folktronica“. As a whole it flows extremely well – its cohesive without being at all predictable (but what could Four Tet ever do that sounded predictable?!). I think the main thing that about the mix is that it really draws you in and although probably not everyone’s style of music, I think it has the range to appeal to a broad range of music lovers. It’s got hints of progressive and house with a fair chunk of 4/4 styled tracks, along with some blissfully relaxing hip-hop structured beats, all the way down to some intensely down tempo soundscape pieces.

Ultimately it’s a mix im sure ill be recommending and passing on to as many people as possible and something that i feel everyone should give a chance. So please, do your ears a favour, get on the download and give it a listen – it’ll help prepare you for the drop of the new album!

QUALITY: 128 kbps

DURATION: 00:47:12 minutes

SIZE: 43.2MB





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