Friday, December 11, 2009

Stellarium - Live! at Blackhole Studios (bootleg)

Stellarium - Live! at Blackhole Studios:

01. Any Day Is Fine (live)

02. Harbinger (live)

03. Tomorrow’s Monday (live)

04. Chocolate & Strawberry (live)

05. Fader (live)

06. Dead Nebula (live)

“The initial period was a maelstrom of noise, I wanted to avoid being deaf by using the earplugs, but that proved a bad move, the SPLs (Sound pressure levels) vibrated and my body could feel it and I wanted to convulge and puke. It was funny though as it got to the end, the noise was so loud, it became so quiet, like it phased out and it felt like I was actually swimming in silence, and the only thing making me hang on to consciousness was the flickering of the blinding strobe lights, making me feel like I was still alive.” – Mark (the bootleger)



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