Monday, December 21, 2009

Ivory - Hand Grenade

Ah, Florida. One of my favorite states on the east coast. I actually prefer Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, even though Miami has a good In The Groove.

In any case, tonight I’m bringing you a single from a name I don’t recognize, with a remix from some guys you will recognize. The artist is Ivory and the single is entitle Hand Grenade. Both tracks are terribly good in themselves. The original from Ivory is a more upbeat version of itself. Nothing too wobbly or obnoxious. It’s actually quite good. The opposite side is a remix from Excision & Datsik, notorious for it’s grimy basslines and delicious melodies. Featuring the same typical wobble you’d ever expect from Excision + Datsik, they are definitely trying to make a name for themselves in this dark industry.

Artist: Ivory

Release: Hand Grenade [RAT032]


1) Hand Grenade

2) Hand Grenade [Excision + Datsik Remix]


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